Benefits of Indoor Plants for your Home & Workplace

We are all aware that plants look attractive, but whilst admiring their beauty did you know that they are also good for the body & mind?

It is pretty easy to tell that being surrounded by beautiful plants can make you feel content, but scientifically it has been proved that it has positive effects on people surrounded by plants within a building i.e; people feel calmer, are more productive and take less sick days.

Plants help improve air quality as they reduce Carbon Monoxide levels, they increase humidity, they reduce airborne dust levels, they can boost creativity, along with increased productivity.

Plants are great to look at and with the above positives they are a great addition to any home or office, and there are all sorts of varieties to suit your area.

We will happily deliver any plants to your offices within a 10 mile radius of the shop for free.  For further information on plants we stock, and if you need any information on what plants would be beneficial to your surroundings, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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