Begonia Rex Purple Blush


Although the UK has many Begonia varieties, the Begonia Rex is a tropical plant, which has a few varieties naitive to South and Central America, Africa and southern Asia, prized for their colorfully patterned and intriguingly shaped leaves.

Begonia’s dont like full sun, so bright, indirect light is best.  This keeps the vivid colouring on thier leaves bright and colourful.

It be watered when the soil or pot feels dry, always from underneath but don’t wait until the plant starts to wilt. You can cut back on water during their dormant period in the winter, watering only when the pot dries out. Humidity is crucial to keeping your rex begonia happy, so you can do this by placing it in a humid room, i.e. a bathroom. or you can keep it amongst other plants, or use a mister to create a wonderful humid atmosphire.

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