Tradescantia Anita


This plant prefers well-drained soil and requires high humidity to thrive. Place it in a room with high humidity, or give it a mist every couple of days.  Water every 2 weeks from the base of the plant, popping the pot into some water (tepid, not cold) every 10-14 days.  During winter dormancy, the soil should be kept drier. Keep in mind, however, that dry air can also be a problem in winter; therefore, placing the prayer plant among several houseplants can help create more humid conditions, misting daily with warm water.


This Plant is super easy to propogate so you can share it amongst your favourite people.  Simply cut the stem away from the bottom of the leaf and pop it into some water to grow some roots.  Or pop directly into Soil!  Make sure you only do this in Spring, Summer or Autumn as they dont grow as well in the winter months!


Pot Size 9cm.


Unfortunately this plant is Toxic to animals.

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